Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just arrivedLove to Craft by Beth Logan for Henry Glass Fabrics
Aren't these just beautiful, they just appeal to my feminine side. It makes me think I'm in a candy shop. These fabrics Love to Craft by Beth Logan for Henry Glass.
Now available @ http://fabricpaletteaustralia.com/
1m buy $22.00, 50cm cut $12.50 Fat Quarter $7.00

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Shop Dec 2007

This is us at Christmas 2007. We have had a lot of changes in staff. Barb in pink is a tutor in quilting techniques and all types of piecing etc. Jenny in Red has just joined us at this stage and is fluent with the language of sewing machines and techniques. The Aqua bag in the front is one of her twin needle workshops that she does. Jenny teaches everyone how to use there machines and get the most out of them. Then there's me. I love the needle craft lots of hand stuff and then there's Trish who was with me from basically day one who now has moved on to other pastures.

This is the Trims, Laces and Ribbons wall

Trim Display with some fine needlework in the background.

This is my pride and joy. The start of the still non completed patchwork wall. At this stage we have about 3000 bolts of patchwork fabric. Still growing.

The Shop Purchase

On the 07th of the 07th 2007, (what a date, that's one you can't forget) we took over Gladstone Fabrics, but now know as The Fabric Palette, 164 Auckland Street, Gladstone Qld Australia 4680. We were quietly thrown in the deep end because we didn't even know how to work the till. We didn't know where the stock was in the shop and it was very interesting. 12 months later we still find little surprises here and there. Even after all our moving and renovations. But we a still not finished and I don't think we will ever be because things change all the time.This is a photo of the shop on the day that we moved in. Wow things have changed a lot. My customers have been the best though, they have put up with all the changes and still keep coming back. We get the question "where might this be today?" and we all have a little chuckle. These are photos of the shop the way it was on the 07-07-2007